Electric charging solutions for smart cities

Smart organization of electric mobility within urbanized environments remains a hot topic for cities & government.

Consider the flux of traffic from a CaaS (Charging-as-a-Service) perspective

We help communities of all sizes, including cities and governments, to create user-friendly and more sustainable e-mobility solutions. Evolve with residential clients (condominiums, MUDs, etc.) who want to offer public and/or private charging infrastructure for their local residents. Provide your city with electric car charging facilities in strategic locations, such as fuel stations and public parking places. Enhance the visitors’ experience and so much more. 

Are you in control over the Mobility Services? Expand your customer network by connecting those services to the broader market of connected mobility users. With precisely the same technology of Optimile, you could easily evolve – step by step – to a Mobility Service Provider, offering more mobility services to your citizens. You could offer other car-oriented services (such as Fuel stations, Parking, Maintenance, Windshield, etc.) or even alternative mobility services (such as Public Transport, Bike sharing, Taxi, Car sharing, etc.).

Smart City

Our offer

Optimile is the solution if you’re looking to manage your charging stations and connect them with the world of EV drivers: 

A white-label solution

Cloud-based platform

Fully equipped management system

Hardware compatibility and roaming

Billing and payment solutions

Smart energy management

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Optimile can meet your EV charging business needs and provide a smooth charging experience to all drivers.