Our Mobility-as-a-Service platform gives you the freedom to offer a wide range of sustainable mobility services to your end users. Accelerate the shift away from a private owned car or a company car and choose sustainability, choose MaaS!

Our Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution involves everything around shared and public mobility, integrated in one application. Our integrated, multimodal routeplanner enables you to combine all sorts of mobility solutions:

  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Bike sharing
  • Car sharing
  • Scooter sharing
  • Public bus operators
  • Train operators
  • Parking facilitators

Our application enables users to plan, book and pay their journey at once thanks to integrated payment methods. A seamless HR and payroll integration opens opportunities to companies who want to offer a cheap, fast and eco-friendly alternative to company cars, all in one app. Let’s connect now!

The ultimate freedom to offer a wide range of sustainable mobility 
services to your end users

Discover our MaaS solution where we aim to offer a seamless and customisable solution for companies and individuals who want to make use of shared and public transport. An integration of end-to-end trip planning, booking and ticketing with the payment methods of your choice. A flexible and efficient solution for your professional or private trips within one single application.

Multiple payment methods

Different wallets to select from when opting for the MaaS solution. Ranging from a federal mobility budget and a professional one to a private budget, all accessible through one account and one application. 

Mobility policies

Shift from the traditional car policy to a broader mobility policy, offering a suitable transition for everyone involved. 

Multimodal travelling

A smart and customisable routeplanner that offers multiple alternatives for your route.

Seamless integration

Integration of your mobility usage and spending with your HR and payroll systems, cutting out administrative overload. 

Our integrated mobility partners

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