On the go with Mobiflow!

In addition to a cool app and a charging card that gives access to one of the largest networks of public charging points in Europe, there’s more.

Mobiflow offers customised solutions to manage your charging station smoothly, safely and easily: get an overview of all activities on your charging station, let your employer reimburse your home charging sessions or make your charging station available for public charging. The Mobiflow platform offers a tailor-made solution!

Offer a wide range management tools to your end users

Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, we give you the tools to provide your customers with future-proof and user-friendly eMobility

Extensive network

Your public charging point is part of one of the largest charging point networks in Europe. Electric drivers find their way to your charging point.

Free choice of public charging fee

You determine the fee for public charging sessions at your charging station. In addition, you manage the charging cards that can charge for free at your charging station.


An accurate overview of the charging sessions is available at any time, both for public and private charging sessions. You can use this information to monitor the charging sessions for your accounting purposes.

Split billing

As an employer, you can automatically reimburse home charging sessions of your employees. Mobiflow takes care of the invoicing for the employer and the reimbursement to each employee.

Choose your license

At Mobiflow, we offer different formulas to fit your specific needs. Are you a private individual who wants to manage charging activities? Are you in charge of eMobility in your company? Or do you want to compensate your employees for their charging sessions? Find your perfect fit here!

Mobiflow Installer Support

As a charging station installer, you want to install charging stations smoothly, safely and well informed. Read more by clicking the button below to find all the necessary information to install charging stations professionally – both in terms of hardware and software.

NRGkick Smart Cable

You prefer a smart cable instead of a charging station? NRGkick is an electric car charger that extends the charging possibilities for your electric car far beyond public charging stations and non-portable wallboxes. Electricity can be found almost everywhere. With the help of adapters, you can turn any power point into a charging point. NRGkick has a maximum charging power of 22kW.

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