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Our software solutions fulfil your EV charging and multimodal mobility needsRanging from cloud-based management software for charging stations to a mobility platform that connects end users with a wide range of sustainable mobility services.


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Welcome to our world of eMobility!

Optimile is a software provider that enables businesses to create their own seamlessly integrated mobility ecosystem. Its offerings consist of two key pillars, Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). Both offerings can be combined in one integrated solution or exist separately. They are available as a white-label solution or as our seamless end product Mobiflow, depending on your needs, our two key pillars are offered in real-timepersonalised solutions that can be tailored to any company’s identity.  Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, we give you the tools to provide your customers with future-proof and user-friendly eMobility

Our solutions


Charging as a Service

CaaS is all about connected charging stations and electric vehicles. Building a business in charging, you are either a Charge Point Operator (CPO), an electric Mobility Service Provider (eMSP), or both. These two players are the key actors in the charging ecosystem.

At Optimile, we have developed a cloud-based platform for both CPO and eMSP, which we offer in a white-labeled version, or as an end product directly to your end users. Whether you manage facilities at workplaces, apartments, stores, etc. you can take full control over this platform yourself. Our CaaS solution helps you to connect charging stations, manage them, and assist your EV driving customer.


Mobility as a Service

MaaS involves everything around shared and public mobility, all in one application. Our integrated, multimodal routeplanner enables to combine all sorts of mobility solutions:

  • electric vehicle charging
  • bike sharing
  • car sharing
  • kick scooter sharing
  • public bus & train operators
  • parking facilities

Our application enables users to plan, book and pay their journey at once thanks to integrated payment methods. A seamless HR and payroll integration opens opportunities to companies who want to offer a cheap, fast and eco-friendly alternative to company cars, all in one app.

Our business in a nutshell

Dive in and discover Optimile in a nutshell. Learn more about our key pillar software solutions for your EV charging and multimodal mobility needs, get to know our target customer groups and explore how Optimile as a software provider, enables businesses to create their own integrated ecosystem for electric mobility and mobility services.

We want customers to understand and engage with our company. As a software provider and 100% Belgian company based in Ghent, we have a story to tell! We focus on fast service and high customer satisfaction with a 24h support service, we have unique software features and our continuous innovation is powered by our 2 shareholders: AG Insurance and BNP Paribas Fortis.

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