Build your charging business with our software platforms. Our software interface helps you to set up your own CPO and/or eMSP charging business in no time.

Would you like us to take full control of the operation and support of your charging business and get started quickly? Then choose our Mobiflow solution with its corresponding app. Would you like to develop your own charging business, branded with your own look and feel and integrated in your own branded app? Then opt for our white label solution.

What CaaS has to offer​

We offer real-time, personalised solutions that can be tailored to any company’s identity.
Whether your focus is B2B or B2C, we give you the tools to provide your customers with future-proof and user-friendly (e)Mobility

CPO platform

Enjoy a cloud-based back office system that lets you manage charging stations with ease. This platform connects you to your desired market of EV drivers.

eMSP platform

Connect with one of the largest networks of charging stations and set up your own eMSP network, providing your customers with a wide range of charging solutions through charging cards and easy app acces.

Marketing initiatives

Optimile offers branded marketing tools to support the growth of your business.

Hardware & software agnostic

Benefit from our strong relationships in the charging industry, ranging from compatibility with all major charging brands to ERP integrations.


Our eMSP platform

We offer you an eMobility Service Provider platform that enables you to connect your own EV drivers to a customisable list of Charge Point Operators. Our platform is equipped with an extensive list of functionalities and tools in order to meet all of your needs. Different eMSPs offer public charging subscriptions to EV drivers, making a wide and customisable range of charging stations available for public charging.

Optimile has one of the largest charging networks in Europe by connecting to major players for public charging. Our network covers approximately 230,000 charging points across Europe.

To be expected in 2022:

Bemo, Vattenfall, MultiTankcard

What's included


Our CPO platform

We offer a Charge Point Operator platform that helps CPOs to connect their network of charging stations to the world of EV drivers for (semi-)public charging. The CPO platform is equipped with an extensive list of services, tailor-made to your needs. Retailers, real estate companies, energy suppliers, fleet managers, private persons etc. are just a few of our target customers. What’s included?

Discover your fit

You want to start your own charging business, launch a charging card or install charging stations? 
Optimile’s offering is both available as a white-label solution and as our seamless end product Mobiflow. Take a look at the overview below to help you discover your fit and make the right choice between both of our offerings.

Optimile - White label
  • Apply your own branding to our software and mobile application
  • Design your own revenue model for CPO and/or eMSP services
  • Develop large scale charging operations
  • Leverage your own elaborate and mature IT organisation with supporting staff for your eMobility business
  • Develop your charging application (through our extensive API library)
  • Start your charging business quickly and hassle-free
  • Outsource E2E operations
  • Provide support to your customers through the Optimile helpdesk

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