The right tools for Mobility Service Providers

Offering a fully digital and scalable e-charging service. 

Up to speed with an innovative platform

The most important actors in the EV charging world are EV (Electric Vehicle) drivers. They will need ways to charge their vehicle regularly. Some EV drivers can survive by charging at home overnight, but most likely, at some point, they will need public charging. That’s where the electric mobility ecosystem comes into play: making it possible for EV drivers to charge their car while at work, while doing grocery shopping, or when taking a break on the highway.

As an eMSP (Electric Mobility Service Provider), your job within the electric mobility ecosystem is helping EV drivers charge their cars using a public charging device. With our white-labeled software platform, we’ve got you covered to build a business in offering public EV charging.

Enjoy an e-mobility service provider, white-label cloud-platform & app ( + RFID charge card) with a complete set of services that fully meets your needs.

Platform functionalities

A branded EV Charging smartphone app

Model your business offer into the platform

Create charging subscriptions

Connect with a Payment Service Provider

Integrate with your ERP software suite via the API library

Customer management

Connect to the Mobility Marketplace

Reporting and analytics

Marketing tools

Offer access to more than 100 000 charging stations in Europe via roaming hubs and peer-to-peer connections

Be more than just an e-MSP

As an e-MSP, offering charging solutions to your EV drivers doesn’t have to be your mobility story’s final page. 

With the exact same technology of Optimile, you could easily evolve – step by step – from e-Mobility Service Provider to Mobility Service Provider, offering more mobility services to your members. You could offer other car-oriented services (such as Fuel stations, Parking, Maintenance, Windshield, etc.) or even alternative mobility services (such as Public Transport, Bike sharing, Taxi, Car sharing, etc.).

Your benefits

Customer-centric approach

Create more touchpoints with your customers by focusing on the EV driver's convenience and offering e-charging through a new or existing mobile way.

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Express the right values towards existing and future members by focusing on innovation.

The strategic first step in e-mobility

The role of an e-MSP is a low-risk and simple first strategic step to get familiar with your EV members and pave your further way in offering more e-mobility services.

Distinguish yourself from competitors

Evolve along with your members’ growing needs by facilitating and assisting them in their daily mobility.

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Let's get started

Optimile can meet your EV charging business needs and provide a smooth charging experience to all drivers.